Children's Ministry is all about having fun and learning the message of Jesus. It is our desire to guide children to learn, believe, accept and share God's Word.  We hope you will be joining us!


3rd-5th Grades July 6/ K-2nd Grades July 9

Parents of Children K-5th (going into 6th grades):  Kaycee is planning a day at Camp Wesley Pines for our kids. We will not be allowed to take but 15 at a time, and we will need a couple of parents to help chaperone and transport.  Kaycee will drive the bus, but to be safe, will have to limit the number on the bus and all kids will need to wear their masks while riding.  Therefore, we will most likely need a couple of parents to drive, too.  Children will go by age groups, K-2nd and 3rd-5th.  They will have the opportunity to swim for 2 hours, do archery for 1 hour, play games and do a scavenger hunt.  The older age group will be able to canoe for 2 hours as well.  They will be given a sack lunch.  While we are so disappointed that the kids were not able to attend regular summer camp, we are so thankful that CWP is able to provide a day of camp! Please feel free to call, text or email Kaycee with any questions you might have.

J. A. M. Scavenger Hunt

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