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Advent: a season of preparation


The holy season of Advent has begun, where we prepare and we wait for Jesus to come! No doubt, this year will look different than "usual," as we wind up this strange year.  Thankfully, our faith is strengthened, even through trials, and our faith grows as we celebrate and anticipate the coming of Christ.  Through our Advent sermon series this year, we prepare our hearts just like we prepare our homes because "Company is Coming!" We realize how messy the house is.  We put the cleaning crew to work.  Then we decorate and deck the halls! We wait for the company to arrive, and finally, we welcome the guests and enjoy the company.  Our hearts can be like a messy house, needing to be cleaned up and ready for the arrival of Jesus.

Christmas Eve

On Thursday, December 24, we will have TWO Christmas Eve worship services in the sanctuary for you to choose from, at 3:00 and 6:00.  We hope that offering two services will reduce the amount of people in the sanctuary at the same time.  The 6:00 service will be our traditional Christmas Eve service, except that because of COVID-19, we will not be using real candles that have to be blown out.  The 3:00 service will be less formal, more child-friendly, and geared toward families with young children (or anyone who needs to get home before dark!) The 6:00 service will be live streamed on Facebook/Youtube.