On September 6, 1936, Oak Grove United Methodist Church was organized with 48 charter members.  The organizational meeting was held in a new church built on land donated by the M.H. Crews Family.  The Rev. Thomas O. Prewitt, pastor of Broad Street Methodist Church, presided over the meeting.

Members, with Mr. A.C. Lynde acting as church secretary, designated Rev. J. Melvin Jones, assistant pastor at Broad Street Methodist Church, as the first pastor of Oak Grove Methodist Church.  Other elected offices were: J.J. Shelton, Sunday School Superintendent; E.A. Smith and C.M. Crews, Stewards; L.M. Howell, Trustee of Church Property; and Velma King, Church Conference Secretary.


Melvin Jones                             1936-1937

Thomas O. Carruth                 1937-1938

Wilkerson B. Alsworth           1938-1939

Robert M. Matheny                1939-1941

J. Albert Bridewell, Sr.            1941-1942

T.E. Hightower                         1942-1943

Warren Pittman                      1943-1945

W. Grandell McRaney            1945-1946

C.C. Koskie                                1946-1947

Roy N. Barlow                          1947-1950

N.D. Pearce                               1951-1952

T.E. Wilson                                               1952-1953

Samuel W. McRaney, Jr.                       1953-1955

B.F. Simpson                                            1955-1956

Preston Scarborough                            1956-1959

Robert Wallace                                       1959-1961

Marvin D. Moody                                    1961-1963

H.J. Hedgepeth                                        1963-1965

Curtis L. Easley                                        1965-1966

T. Edward Hasselle                                 1966-1968

Gaines M. Thomas                                  1968-1970

James A. Walker                                      1970-1973



H.J. Hedgepeth                       1973-1979

Marshall Burnett, Jr.            1979-1982

Doyle L. Moore                       1982-1985

Charles E. Waddell                1985-1992

Danny R. Estes, Sr.                1992-1994

Barry Dickerson                    1994-2000

Gene Vance                             2000-2002

Mark Anderson                      2002-2011

Chris Young                             2011-2015

Andy Cotten                            2015-2019

Amy Roller                               2019-Present


To Serve Christ through our service to others